Matthew Leisten

Working Papers

"Algorithmic Competition, with Humans" Latest available draft: October 2021. [Dropbox] [Slides]

"Informational Differences Among Rival Firms: Measurement and Evidence from Hotels" Submitted. Latest available draft: December 2021. [Dropbox] [Old Slides] [Online Appendix]

"Volatility, Uncertainty, and Hotel Capacity" Latest available draft: June 2020. [Dropbox] [Slides]

Works in Progress

"Optimal Environmenal Targeting with Managerial Linkages: Evidence from Texas" with Nicholas Vreugdenhil.

"Informational Complementarities and IT Arms Races" Draft available upon request.

"The Dual Curse: Search Frictions and Informational Frictions in Sales" Early work in progress.